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Automatic door repair


Having your automatic doors maintained on a regularly scheduled basis greatly reduces the chance of accident or injury. Blackhawk Doors has been a leader at promoting commercial door maintenance by providing store and business owners a safety checklist for department heads or store managers.
We strongly recommend that safety equipment be checked on a daily basis and Blackhawk Doors will demonstrate how to check your equipment during your service call. Improper door speeds, dirty tracks, rollers, and guides cause premature flat spots on track rollers resulting in excess noise and vibration.
Vibration is an enemy to automatic door electronic components. Having the doors properly wired, lubricated, riding on clean tracks, and operating on good track rollers will greatly increase the life of major automatic door components as well as the doors themselves. Regular planned maintenance helps to eliminate downtime due to unsafe operation or malfunction by detecting potential trouble areas before they occur. Blackhawk Doors service trucks carry an inventory of parts for the brand of your door helping to reduce downtime.

Automatic Door Services Provided by Blackhawk

Automatic Door Installation and Service.
Complete Automatic Door Replacement and Installation.
We Consult with Architects, General Contractors, and Developers.
We Service and Install Automatic Doors.
We Refurbish Existing Automatic Door Including Tracks, Rollers, Guides, Motor Drives, and Controls.
24 Hour a Day Emergency Automatic Door Repair and Board Up.
To learn more about automatic door installation or service, contact Blackhawk Doors at 708-505-9349.
We can also be reached through our Contact us form with any automatic door installation or service questions that you may have.

How to Inspect an Automatic Door

You should perform daily safety checks on each automatic door. For customer safety and your own protection, you may wish to perform these checks while traffic is light. It does not matter when you conduct your daily safety checks, but it is a good idea to get in the habit of doing them at the same time every day.
It is advisable to check your door each morning when the power is turned on to the door system or after any loss of electrical power.
In general, start by checking the electronic sensor by walking toward the door opening at a moderate speed at various angles.
The door should start opening as you approach, should swing or slide open smoothly and stop without impact.
As you move slowly toward the door, it should remain open.
For doors that are used for two-way traffic, you should repeat this process from the other side of the opening.
Now, step out of the sensor zone or off the floor mat.
After a brief time delay, the door should close.
Approach the safety side of the swinging door first, then have someone else approach the activating side of the door.
As long as you are in the safety area of the door, it should not open.

It is recommended that you observe the traffic coming to the door and plan the traffic patterns so that people will approach the doors from straight on and not from an angle. Further, if your doors are equipped with electronic holding beams, you should cover each doorway holding the beam with your hand and stand motionless for several seconds.
The door should remain open.
Remove your hand and the door should close after the time delay expires.
If other safety devices are being used, crouch motionless in the door opening for ten seconds.
The door should not close.
If the safety sensor is not working, the door may swing toward you without stopping.

* Exercise caution while conducting your daily checks .

To maintain the integrity and uphold the safety, Automatic Doors require experts trained on both the electrical and operational aspects of the door to install, service and inspect. When properly installed, inspected annually by AAADM certified inspectors and safety-checked daily by premise owners, automatic doors consistently provide safe, convenient access for everyone.

Blackhawk Doors prides itself as having technicians properly trained and certified to help you with your Automatic Doors.
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