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Door Closers

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Door Closers

The ubiquitous manually operated door closer.
In its simplest form they allow doors to automatically close after someone has entered or exited a building or room.
These devices are great for security purposes; ensuring that your property is not vulnerable after someone
has come or gone.
In addition, these also provide an extra safety mechanism for fire prevention by helping
to keep the fire from spreading to additional areas.

You have seen them everywhere and sometimes
you don't even realize where they are, but they continue to do their job day in and day out.
Often times it is only when something has obviously gone wrong with these closers that they
become noticeable and even potentially dangerous.
Perhaps the door wont close all the way, or worse, the door slams so hard it sounds
like it may break the surrounding glass panels.
Many times they will begin to leak fluid onto the door or glass...which is a sure fire indicator
that the closer has reached it end of service life.

Do you need a closer?
Need help identifying what kind you have?
There are so many makes and can be quite confusing and utterly frustrating.
Is your showing signs of age? it coming loose?...leaking? longer holding your door closed?

Give us a call at 708-505-9349 for a free consultation on your options for repairs or replacements of your closer.
We are Chicagoland's Door Closer experts!

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